Let's get Social!

Most people can post to social media in one way or another. But when it comes to delivering quality content, that's where many fall down.

There is so much competition online that to make your personal or company profile stand out is harder than ever.


Fortunately, the quality of the contents is often low, so although there
is a lot of noise to break through, the level is not high. If you're not getting the engagement it’s likely your content needs to be revised and we can do that with you to make your social shine!

The images and caption you use mean everything and make your profile unique.
Defining the content and delivering it with your brand voice takes skill.
‘Your Social Media’ profile will build that skill for you.

Here's exactly what you get if you decide to work with us:

  • A monthly strategy session to review the current or last month and to plan the next.

  • A concept for a 4-week social media campaign

  • Example posts written with your suggested content for the weekly agenda

  • Picture manipulation with your approval

  • An online proposal for next month's posts content for your approval

  • The approved graphics are then posted to your social media pages every single day of the month

  • Plus, a daily and weekly check to see if we’re on track.

A monthly planning is needed to discuss:

  • the previous month

  • The target audience

  • What is happening in your business during the next month

  • What new areas can we promote?

  • Nail down objectives and highlights

  • Plan the next months

The golden rule of social media is test and measure.


If it turns out that something unexpected happens that is producing
better than expected results, it would be crazy not to take advantage of it. 

This will all be in consultation with you.


A Typical month

DAYS 1-7

This doesn’t take long to get moving. Once you have signed our proposal we will start working. We will ask you a lot of questions and we will need pictures, contents etc.

DAYS 7-14

Write initial posts and send to you for approval. Plan the start date for a structured social media month


Post the first content on the social media pages of your choice for you. Start and plan for the next 2 months. We will have 1 post per day (more if needed), 1 story each 2 days, or more if needed. Especially the first 3 months we need to analyze and focus on how to adjust to get best results.

At the beginning of month 3 we will restart planning for the next 3 months and we'll repeat what works, cut what doesn't and reap the rewards!

What makes us different from others...


We don’t operate on big, 'one-off' payments; you pay each quarter at the beginning of the agreement.

We have a minimum term of 6 months on all our agreements and the reason is simple: we need your commitment for that length of time to achieve the kind of results we are both setting out to achieve.


Start thinking long-term. As you know, that isn’t the kind of thinking that produces stunning results immediately. We need to penetrate the algorithm and understand and understand how to position ourselves

If you are happy with that fill out the form below.